Anne-Marie Parente

Glitterati Jewels – Exclusive Handmade Jewelry

After fifteen years of working in the beauty/fashion industry for companies such as Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Loreal USA, I decided to leave the business world to begin raising a family.  While doing what I value most, raising my two daughters, I began to feel the urge to return to my creative side.  In 2007, I formed Glitterati Jewels with my niece Jessica Rini, an accomplished graphic artist.  Deigning one-of-a-kind crystal jewelry pieces allows me to pursue my passion, while still giving me the freedom to be with my girls.  The jewelry creates instant attention and I have gathered quite a following just by wearing them myself.  I am excited to be shown among the other unique Wherefore Art Thou? artists.  I hope you have as much joy wearing them as I have making them.

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