Dillard Weyer

Dillard Weyer's my name - Golf was my game until , at age 76, I was asked to sand, buff and polish a half finished bracelet by my harried wife who had run out of time. I was hooked.  Next morning found us side by side in the Silversmithing shop.  Within a week I had progressed to Lapidary and have been creating imaginative and attractive pieces ever since.

Having wintered in Arizona for 10 years, some of my designs reflect Indian and Southwest culture.  Turquois and jasper are favorites of our 10 granddaughters.  They are as addicted to the sheen of silver as I am to fashioning it.

Now, retired and 86 years old, I happily ply my trade at a workbench in our sunroom, challenging myself with pretty stones, sparkling gems and, ofcourse, Sterling Silver.

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