Lucille Canzano
I thought you might enjoy to read the story behind my handmade cards. I am one out of four sisters myself being the youngest . Having older sister's just lead the way for smooth sailing for me growing up, or at least I thought so. I was exposed to what the future would hold and I was loving the thoughts of growing up , especially make up. I always loved drawing and painting and always had a love for color, as my Mother put it I was the artist in the family .
When I was about ten, many more decades ago then I wish to reveal, I was reading my oldest sister Charlotte’s teen magazine. I always enjoyed all the pictures of movie stars, but what really interested me were all those ads in the back section of the book. One day I saw an ad that caught my eye , which read in bold print  “The Cheerful Card Co” and they were looking for people to sell their cards. I thought Wow, I can make some money doing this , but I was so very shy to go door to door. I decide to put my idea in action and I asked my older sister Cathy if she would come along with me and help me sell the cards, she agreed and I sent my name off without even telling my Mother. That’s youth !!
Everyday after school I would rush home to see if the package arrived . Finally that day came and I was so excited. The cards were so very beautiful and I know everyone would love them. When my sister came home from school I showed her the cards all excited and very eager to start selling , I said “when do you want to start? “ she looked at me and said “are you crazy? I‘m not going door to door with you“ . I said, “but Cathy you promised and you know I am too shy to go on my own,” but nothing worked,so there I was with a huge box of beautiful cards.
A few days went by and I knew she was not going to help me so I decided to look at the pretty cards again, this time with a scissors in hand. Yes, I started cutting out the pictures just keeping my favorites. Soon there was a box of cut up paper pieces never even thinking about "The Cheerful Card Co" . maybe wanting their cards back if I did not sell them.
Our mail was delivered through a slot in the front door and everyday my sweet Mother ( legally blind ) would pick it up and put it on the banister in the front entryway so my Dad would see it when he got home from work about 5:00. I got home from school about 3:00 so I would always check the mail first and I would tell my Mom what exactly was there if she wanted to know. One very memorable day in my life a letter came for me. It was from “ The Cheerful Card Co.” and this time they were not so cheerful . They wanted their money for the cards or the cards back, Oops !! I was in trouble now !! . The letter read: I was to send them a whopping $39.99 or else I would go to jail (or at least I perceived it that way being a kid ). A month passed when my secret was exposed. My Dad came home early that day and got the second letter with their demands for payment. He sent them the money, but not without telling me never to do anything like that again without discussing it with him. Yes, I still talk to my sister, but I’ll never forgive her. (Ha ha)
So in memory of my Dad I " Cheerfully "present my cards

Female, Born on December 13

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